Pai gow poker online: a new challenge for modern gamblers


Pai gow poker online

Pai gow poker appeared not so long ago, in the 80-s of the XX century, in the USA. However, he has already managed to attract the attention of numerous fans. Some believe that the game is taken from the ancient Chinese card game, and therefore has a name similar to Chinese toponyms. In any case, the fact that most of the games in Pai gow poker ends in a draw is not the last in the popularity of the game, so even a novice and layman have a chance to stay in the game for a long time.

This is a significant bonus for beginners. In recent years, online paigow poker has also gained great popularity, due to the convenience of access when playing online through the home, as well as the tightening of legislation on the operation of land-based casinos.


The rules of fortune pai gow poker online are simple, and differ from simple poker next to progressive, such as the issuance of seven cards. In addition, the game uses a deck of 53 cards and a joker. They are issued to the player after he makes a bet. The player divides them into two hands:

  • Big hand – five cards;
  • Small hand – two cards. At the same time, there is a strict rule for the small hand – the combination in these two cards should not be greater than in the big hand.

Cards in a big hand obey the rules set in classic poker. Pai gow poker online encourages the presence of a joker, but only in a combination of flash, flash-street, street. Having such combinations, you can win a batch from a dealer. Without such a combination, joker is equated with an ace card.

Cards are divided into two hands not only by the player, but also by the dealer. After that, the card values are compared. There are three scenarios:

  • The player beats both hands of the dealer and wins the game – in such cases the prize is paid 1-1, 5% receives the casino in the form of a fee;
  • A player beats one hand, no matter which one, a draw is recognized;
  • With equal combinations in the hands of the player and the dealer, the victory is given to the dealer.

In many casinos there is the option of paigow online casino free play. Such a function is ideal for those players who want to get acquainted with the gameplay before placing money bets in the game.

Strategies to win

As mentioned above, the rules of paigow online casino are very simple, and significantly reduce the probability of winning a casino. The advantage of online casinos at paigow online casino is 2.8%, a rather low value for gambling. Provided that the simplest strategy is maintained, the probability of winning a player is 28.61%, draws – 41.8%, and dealer wins – 29.91%. The big mistake is to use strategies suitable for classic poker to win at pai gow online casino. Such strategies are losing in advance. At pai gow online casino you need to consider the presence of two hands. Therefore, the main strategy in online pai gow poker is the maximum reinforcement of a two-card hand, with parallel reinforcement and a five-card hand.

The second strategy is to maximize the five-card hand, without paying attention to the two-card. Such a tactic is justified when it is impossible to adhere to the first tactic, due to the lack of the necessary cards.

If the cards are really bad, then it is advisable to strengthen the two-card hand, in the hope that it will beat the two-card hand of the dealer and manage to wrest a draw.

These are the most popular tactics for playing pai gow online casino, which are used both by experienced players and beginners. Other strategies require more thorough preparation and experience in the game.

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