How To Play Video Poker: All About Gameplay, Wins, Varieties, Strategies


To be able to succeed in how to play video poker, users will need basic free online poker skills, including knowledge of all poker hands. Most of the video poker variants use the same poker hands. Participants play with a five-card hand and choose which cards they want to replace to make the best combination, etc. In video poker, players have a great chance to surpass the casino, but it takes a lot of effort.

How To Play Video Poker: The Notion Of The Game

Video poker is a computerized five-card poker game in which the players’ opponent is solely the computer. This game originated in the mid-1970s when technology allowed slot machine providers to combine a monitor with a video console. This invention was not a coincidence. In the same period, computers began to be mass-produced and sold. One of the first popular video poker games was released by a company that is now very famous in the online gambling industry – IGT.

The Main Rules Of Video Poker Games

Here are the general rules for video poker how to play:

how to play video poker casino
  • There is a 52-card deck. If the game contains jokers that are used as wild cards, then there will be more cards in the deck;
  • Participants receive 5 cards each, which are dealt with randomly after pressing the “deal” button;
  • According to the rules of how to play video poker, players choose which cards they want to keep by clicking on the “hold” button in free poker games. The rest of the cards are discarded and replaced with new ones;
  • Payouts are formed according to the collected poker combination;
  • The cost of poker hands for a specific video poker game are in the paytable;
  • There are 9 combinations by rank, where the highest combination is Royal Flush, followed by Straight Flush and Four of a kind;
  • Users can play with one hand or several hands at the same time, depending on poker rules of the particular version;
  • It is possible to bet up to 5 coins;
  • The hand is played in two rounds. In the first round, users choose which cards to keep, and in the second round, they receive substitution cards that form the final combination.

Video poker rules differ from variety to variety, but they generally follow the same principle.

The Best & Most Popular Video Poker Devices

Finding out how to play video poker, players should pay attention to the following free poker machines:

  • There are special types, originally developed for playing online, and later became the traditional Internet versions of poker. This category includes variations such as Deuces Wild, Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Joker Poker;
  • Unique varieties that have no analogs either in land-based or online casinos also deserve attention. Here players can note such types as 6 Card Poker, Sevens Wild, Five Joker Poker, as well as a whole group of poker devices with a risk game function.

When deciding to play any video poker, gamblers should have a general idea of how to play video poker and the specifics of video poker slots free in this category. The fact is that they have several significant differences from similar games at the tables of land-based poker clubs.

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