The basic Pai Gow rules


This card game is created in such a way that the player has to make a combination of five and two cards. According to the rules of poker that are used nowadays, this combination will bring the best results. As it can be seen from the definition, in hands of the player there are seven cards.

The principle of the game is borrowed from the Chinese ancient game. But as for the first version, dominoes was used in it. The game was invented in the United States in the early eighties. Pai Gow poker rules are quite simple.

For the gameplay, a deck of 52 cards is used. So those who just start to learn the rules for Pai Gow Poker, must start with this fact. There are no more than six players against the dealer. In order to make bets are taken into consideration the limits of this table. To every player go seven cards that are invisible for the rest.

Paigow strategy

When playing Pai Gow domino tiles, it begins with the fact that all players must place bets. Next, each player receives seven cards from the deck. In many online casinos, the player’s work can be facilitated by pressing the House Way button. This allows you to automatically distribute all the cards in the player’s two hands automatically.

It happens that the gamblers themselves, because of their inexperience, do not want to try on the role of a banker and very vainly! The bank watcher is second only when the opponent has the best combinations. Otherwise, no matter how things were, any outcomes for them are win-win.

The player will also have to get used to the idea that usually under Pai Gow rules, large combinations (square, royal flush, straight flush) do not bring additional payments, so they often need to be separated.

Now we will analyze various typical situations.

  • No pairs or combinations higher. You should select the second and third most powerful cards in the lowest combination, and leave the strongest in the highest hand. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are rare and almost do not affect the advantage of the casino.
  • One pair of cards. The pair must be left in the highest hand, and the two highest cards from the remaining cards should be selected in the lowest combination. There are no exceptions. The two examples discussed above will occur in more than sixty percent of hands when playing poker Pai Gow. So these rules need to be memorized by heart.

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