It’s enjoyable to grow cannabis in your bedroom with Flowerpatch


It is enjoyable to grow cannabis in your bedroom with Flowerpatch

Flowerpatch have designed an on the web planet exactly where you can plant cannabis nft’s and breed them to make limitless variations of plants.

Probably you can get fortunate and produce a legendary plant which could be well worth several thousands of dollars.

Not only that but if you can produce a legendary plant with substantial stats, everyone in the game will want to breed with your genetics to develop their own substantial level nfts. If someone breeds with your plant then you get paid a commission.

Plants have 5 ranges of rarity:-


This game was originally created utilizing Ethereum as the principal in game currency. Employing Ethereum is not extremely useful these days with the substantial prices triggering fuel costs that are unusable. A latest update to the game is that the nfts are accessible on the matic network, opening up the game in terms of usability and a wonderful milestone for the dev crew to now produce a lot of far more new and interesting characteristics.

A new considerably bigger game world will soon be obtainable and the new in game currency of “SEED”, a matic network token has been introduced. This will be taking the game to the next degree and permitting customers to use their harvested seed for payment to breed with other plants.

At the time of creating, breeding is only obtainable to be paid in Ethereum. If you do this on a Saturday or Sunday when fuel charges are a lot a lot more sensible you can nevertheless get fairly a number of breeds carried out at minimum value. I did this final weekend and paid about 30 bucks in complete for 3 breeds, so about $10 a breed.

All the nft’s that you generate will automatically be created obtainable to browse in Opensea – the leading NFT trading platform.


When you click the flowerpatch filter as above, you will now also have filters available in the left hand menus that allow for you to kind by rarity and all other flower stats – which in the grand scheme of factors is a quite essential portion of taking part in this game.

To get commenced in this game you can browse and buy numerous common degree plants for only 50cents each. You can also message the admins in the discord and they will send you a free of charge common flower to get you started out. Personally I spent about twenty bucks getting plants on opensea and then did 3 breeds with various legendary plants that I identified around the map. When you breed, you will get 3 new nfts and so for me this gave me a tiny farm of about twenty plants to perform with in complete.

If you are new to employing crypto and you want to give this game a try out then you may possibly have a minor journey ahead of you right here in turning into accustomed to utilizing metamask, matic network, trading nfts on opensea and just acquiring utilised to how the game works in general. All the data that you need will be identified by digging about in their discord.

Make certain that when you very first start the game in google chrome (on a personal computer, not a phone – haven’t attempted this on a phone however personally) you need to

  1. Allow hardware acceleration in Chrome settings
  2. Disable particles in the primary in game settings.


Come and check out out my small island in the bottom left corner of the map. I feel this is a wonderful small game that is really ahead of the competitors, having been in improvement numerous years presently. The latest polygon/matic improve makes it possible for tremendously enchanced usability in contrast to the substantial gasoline costs of Ethereum and I seem forward to see the new game worlds and features that come.