Basic rules and strategies of Pai Gow Poker online


Today, there are many variants of Poker online, and one of them is Pai Gow Poker; free Pai Gow Poker online is perfect for new players who want to take their first steps in casino Poker, gain experience and learn the game from scratch. Advanced players can play it for free to improve their strategies.

Originally coming from China, Pai Gow was played first with dominoes. Meanwhile, now, it is a card game. In Las Vegas and Atlantic City, it is played alongside Caribbean Stud or Texas Hold’em. The cards version was invented in the USA, and its history can be traced back to its source. Pai Gow is basically a slimmed-down version of Chinese Poker.

This is a very sociable game. The best thing about it is that a player may not only bet on luck with every bet but also rely on his own skill. Pai Gow may be considered a game of chance, but there are very clear strategies that can be followed to get the best results.

Pai Gow Poker basics

Pai Gow Poker does not really have much to do with Poker, so the name of it is a bit misleading; PaiGow is played not against the other players, but against the bank. The player has to beat one opponent. Up to seven players can take part there. And all players can communicate with each other with ease and have fun, because they all have the same opponent, but not against each other; and it happens in live casino game variants.

The game start looks like that:

  • First, the gambler brings the basic bet;
  • Pai Gow Poker players get 7 cards each;
  • The player must build 2 hands, a 5-card, and a 2-card hand (they are called high and low). The high one must always be stronger than the low one.

The player must win with the low and high hands both or he loses. The draw happens when a gamer wins only 1 hand, and the dealer – another one. If both are equal, the dealer becomes a winner. The cards’ value does not matter. That is, a pair plays a draw against a pair, even if one pair is Kings and the other only 2s.

However, if only high cards are used, the party with the highest card usually wins. The game variant, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, has a draw often, so it is popular with the guys who do not like to risk. Progressive jackpot Gow Poker is also a variant of the entertainment that can give more profit.

PaiGow special rules

Players use a 53 deck with a joker. The joker cannot accept any value but in the high hand it can complete Straights and Flushes, also it can be considered an Ace. 5 Ace combination is the coolest hand in Pai Gow Poker. The other combinations follow the well-known hand ranking.

The player builds his 2 hands first before the dealer shows his cards. The dealer follows House Way rules set. The online game always has a House Way button. It can be clicked to abbreviate the hand building and to make another hand. In most cases, this is the optimal style of play, but not always.

Practice Pai Gow strategies

Pai Gow Poker is a very fair casino game because the house edge is only about 1.5%, and the odds of casino Pai are better than in classic Poker. Using a strategy might help gamblers to understand how to play Pai Gow Poker to win. Simply remember, a very important thing in Pai Gow Poker is the ratio of the bet amount.

The bigger the ratio, the better the chances of winning are. However, the ideal game behavior strategy has not been found yet. Even today, there is a huge amount of disagreement and debate among players. Although in fact, the distinctive features in different versions of the game behavior are insignificant. Some players that do not follow any strategies win even more than “skillful” gamblers.

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