To get know how to play Pai Gow is easier than it seems.


How to play Pai Gow

Today in the world of online gaming there are a huge number of different card games. Poker holds a special position among them. This unique playing, which appeared many years ago in the land-based gaming houses of Europe and America, is loved by professional card players. In 2019, you can discover a wide variety of such competitions on the Internet. To learn how to play Pai Gow, you should listen to the advice of experienced gamers and then you start to get real bonus in such a competition.

This unique form of Poker first appeared in China and was played with simple dices. Today is not easy to name the exact date when the game appeared, but online it appeared rather recently.

Game rules

Pai Gow Poker is a special kind of playing, which is preferred mainly by experienced gamers. Unique rules make gamers learn the tactics very carefully. If you think that knowing the rules of classic Poker, you can immediately know how to play Pai Gow – you are a little mistaken. Here are different game systems and strategies. Before you start the game, carefully read the instructions of it.

One of the features of how to play Pai Gow Poker is the fact that to win you only need to play better than a representative of the virtual club. And you remember that in classic Poker players fight against each other. Rules of the game are simple, but original.

It’s really simple to understand how to play Pai Gow tiles. Once the Poker round starts, the dealer will deal 7 cards. You will need to divide your existing cards into two groups. In each hand you take a certain number of cards. Let’s say you take 2 cards in your right hand and 5 cards in your left hand. The value of combinations here also will not be equivalent. Where you have fewer cards and the combination will be weaker. Your main goal – to collect a stronger combination than the dealer’s.

If one of the card combinations of the virtual gamer is weaker, and the second – stronger than the representative of the virtual club, in this case, the round will have the status of a draw. The advantage here is on the side of the dealer. In that case, if the combination of users is equal to the combination of the dealer, then the victory will belong to game club. What you can expect from the game? In total, there are three options: players lost, won or played on an equal footing with the casinos.

How to play and beat the casino

If you believe in luck and dream about fast layout then Pai Gow is a great opportunity to check if fortune loves you. Any user can learn the rules and game tactics. The main thing – a card combination that you get and the favor of fortune.

To learn how to play Pai Gow Poker in Vegas will give a gambler bright emotions from the process thanks to quick actions and interesting tactical decisions. As a rule, in this competition, the advantage of the casino in Pai Gow Poker is about 1.5 %. Learn to apply different optimal strategies and then your chances of success will grow.

  • Basic strategy. This technique in Pai Gow Poker is to stop underestimating the hand with fewer cards. Do not throw a bad card in the hand. Better risk combinations in a strong hand. Make combinations using cards from there.
  • Aggressive way of playing. This strategy is suitable for the players because here without delay break even invincible combinations. Thus, the participants of the round increase their chances for a big win, though the risks are quite high.
  • Conservative way of competition. In this case, users hold the strongest combinations in the main hand and in the one with low cards they send cards of little value. The probability of losing all your money in this strategy is lower than in the previous one. But the chances of winning here are low.
  • One pair. This strategy of Pai Gow how to play assumes that players leave a pair of winning combinations in the high hand. The two highest cards are in the lowest.
  • Two pairs. Players leave two pair in the high hand, if both pairs are 6’s or less. The younger couple is in a low hand.
  • Three pairs. Game users make up the oldest pair in the low hand.

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